Birthday Party Magic Show


Make Your Child’s Special Day Unforgettable

Greetings Parents. Every year, children look forward to celebrating their Birthday party, with family and friends. 
This is a very special occasion for your child or children. Everyone enjoys the games, pizza, and the cake, and the memories of past birthdays. 
Many families also consider live entertainment for this memorable event. If you are planning on entertainment. Please read on.
The “Birthday Party Magic Show” will fill your entertainment needs.
The 60-minute event begins with a 40-minute magic show, which is geared to the family, and the ages of the children attending the party. The show features audience participation, and colorful and amazing “MAGIC.”
My “REAL LIVE RABBIT” Snowball will make an amazing and magical appearance, as performed by the birthday child.  (Keep this a secret.)
After the magic show I will create beautiful and colorful, balloon animals for all the children at the party. Also, everyone can pet “SNOWBALL.”
Please feel free to video and take all the pictures you would like.
Remember, this is a special day for the birthday child.
This show may be performed inside or outside, depending on weather.
NOTE: Snowball is unable to appear for outdoor shows if the weather is hot and humid..